Mobile phone contract can I get out of it.

Found 3rd Dec 2008
Hi my brother recently took out a contract with orange but has now been made redundant and cant afford to pay. Is there any way of getting out of the contract and also what will happen to the phone can he have it unlocked and use it as pay as you go its a samsung toco f480. Thanks.
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very doubtful.
If its a decent phone, unlock it and sell it to recoup some money.
** Have a s.ex change and say the guy no longer exists
1) how long is left on his contract and can he reduce the costs of the tarrif.
2) there is no easy way round it - they may charge you the x amount of months that are left on your contract
3) i have seen a few people ring up and say they where moving abroad and where charged 50 notes are where allowed out of there contract early (they have 3 months left do)
4) why would you think you he could cancel the contract yet still keep the phone ?? no business would allow that
5) if he is seriously in a bad way money wise get him to visit C.A.B and they can help him much more as not paying the bill would then mean debt collectors etc who may take a small weekly payment for the debt - but then does he really want it to go that far
Can that be done though won't orange turn the phone off, its a newish phone so he could make money back on it, but he wouldn't want to do it if they were going to turn it off alltogether.
they wont turn him off because he will still be paying for the contract, it's just he'd sell the phone on to somone else.

eg, if he has 10 month left on contract at £10/month, the cost is £100.
if he can sell the phone for as close to that £100 then he's all square.

Just remember to take out the sim card before selling it!!!!
99% of times the phone will be phone and not blocked '' but '' its been known that phones be blocked for non bill payment (used to happen more years ago) but now with the rise in debt collectors etc they try to go via that route, as in the long run now only will it cost him the price of the phone and the texts the calls and then the line rental + the debt company will add there fee's etc but then another option would surely be to sell the phone and use that to pay a few months line rental while he looks for another job - and he could buy another cheap phone
why do people make things difficult !!!
change to the lowest tariff
sell the phone - prob around £200 - use this money to pay the rental
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