Mobile Phone Contract (Cheap as chips!)

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Found 29th Mar 2009
Well my current contract finishes soon so looking for a new one.

As I'm now old (sad face) I don't chat or have text conversations so the millions of minutes and text I currently get are wasted. Now its pub 8pm see you later. done!

So looking for the cheapest deal. I'm not bothered about new phone as like my current one.

Any deal will do but not cashback redemption ones as I forget (cost me dearly in the past)

Best I can do is £6.66 for 300min and 200texts 12months (that includes quidco)

Can anybody find me better?

Rep will be given.


hi, try virgin for really cheap contracts, i get 150 mins and 250 txts for £12 a month!
hope this helps!!:)

Gavin! Pub? 8pm?

Original Poster


Check this site out its a godsend compares the whole mobile market . … Check this site out its a godsend compares the whole mobile market . [url]www.mobilecontracts.net[/url]

Cool, had a look and the search isn't great if your not choosing a phone but got it down to £4.68 for 100 mins and unlimited texts on a 24 month.


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Gavin! Pub? 8pm?

Yes was there but you didn't show!

I even visited the bureau de change to get the $10!:whistling:

You never replied! Damn you!

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You never replied! Damn you!

Man in the wrong again, I see!:p
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