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    Hi - can any one help. We are getting a phone for our daughter, she currently has a T-Mobile contract but there retention deals are terrible. She is on a u-fix deal and I just wanted to know if any of the other mobile phone companies do a similar type of deal ie you can't spend more than £25 a month on it ? Any help ?


    I think virgin so somethink along those lines, not sure though. I read somewhere that you can take a contract with them (cant remember what tariff) and once all that amount is used then there wont be anymore credit to use but you can top it up via pay as you go until your minutes are reset at the end of the'd have to see the website for further details ]http//ww…com or give Virgin Mobile a call and ask them.

    why dont u try her on an o2 pay as you go with unlimited sim tarrif.... basically she gets unlimited calls to all o2 numbers and unlimited msgs to o2 numbers also as long as you top up £15 a month... so if the reason for her having a contract is so that shes always able to get in contact if important people are on o2 then she shall always be able to do so

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    thanks for the comments - they have helped.

    Would a sim only contract be any good?.. I think T-mobile do 350 minutes plus unlimited texts for £15 and all of the big four do a 600 minutes plus unlimited texts for £20... I think.. The good thing about these is that you are only on a month contract.. I think..:oops:.. The unlimited has limits though.. :thumbsup:…208 I got my daughter this and called 3 and told them not to let her go over her 1100,went through quidco and got £62.50 cashback
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