Mobile Phone Contract Haggling

    Read about people doing this all the time etc, I'm on an 18 month with Orange, due to run out in August, but I can get an upgrade next month. Can I change my plan if I get an upgrade next month? Also, if I do this would I even be able to get the opportunity to haggle it down? And what would I even say? "Well I can get this deal from __ so unless you can beat that I'm leaving." ?


    I don't think you will be able to do much haggling until August because that's when your contract runs out. They might give you an upgrade but I don't know how good a deal you will get as you are still tied in for another few months and don't have the option of going elsewhere yet. You can tell them that a competitor has offered you something better but until you're in a position to be able to take it up I don't think Orange would take much notice.

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    Cheers I'll wait until August then, seen a good option on 3 I wouldn't mind.

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