mobile phone contract help!

    hi could any one recomend me a good contract phone
    i have never had a contract before normally go for pay as you go
    would like to spend between 20-25 a month maybe 30 pound
    would like at least 200 minutes and 100 texts a month,i also like to browse the internet on it when im at work so a deal on that would be very good!
    doesnt matter which provider
    phones i like the look of are the blackberry1s,iphone and any other touchscreen ones really
    and like i said im a bit clueless when it comes to this kind of thing so all help will be appreciatted


    How about the nokia 5800

    18 months
    600 mins
    Unlimited Texts
    £25 a month

    or nokia 5800

    18 months
    600 mins
    Unlimited Texts
    £35 a month (first 10 months 17.50)
    I think you get internet with this deal aswell

    about getting a sim only contract £15 a month unlimited texts an 200 min free (for some reason my son gets 400 mins) thats with orange with the 30day contract at least you can cancell if you change your mind or a better offer comes along
    when you sign up for contracts you have to sign up for 12 months to 18 months and if your like my son he got bored with his phone when he sighned up for his contract plus he lost his job but he still had to pay

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    i dont really like the look of the nokia 1

    i got the red LG viewty with 700 mins, unlimited txts, unlimited internet, vodafone passport, free hands free kit and insurance for £30/month over 18month on Vodafone....It wasnt a set priceplan, just go into a few of the network shops (O2, Voda, Orange etc), find a phone you like and try work your charm, it is suprising how much they will chuck in for free!

    HTC Touch HD on Orange (nice windows mobile phone) on Dolphin 35, £29.63 a month, phones free with 600 minute and unlimited texts. . .

    Try registering on Quidco as well if you are going to get a contract as you can get a nice amount back depending on the contract & network


    this is what im going for next … this is what im going for next week:,0

    also £40 through quidco

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    everyone is very helpfull on here!
    but ive decided i definetly want an iphone or a phone thats got wifi
    so any1?


    everyone is very helpfull on here!but ive decided i definetly want an … everyone is very helpfull on here!but ive decided i definetly want an iphone or a phone thats got wifiso any1?

    if you think people have been helpful then leave rep for them.....
    its done by clicking the little silver symbol on the leftpeople are more inclined to give up some of their time to help if they know that its appreciated:thumbsup::roll:

    wateva u decide, i suggest avoiding 18month contract..
    phones upgrade so quickly nowadays.
    in my opinion 12months contract is just right.

    well unless you getting a free laptop or like "francodevil" a ps3, then 18months should be worth it!!

    i agree diabloortega. i usually go for a 12 month contract, get one of the 'lower spec' phones on a cheap enough contract but with a decent free gift. 2 yrs ago it was an ipod video 80gb, last year a 19" samsung lcd tv, the only problem now is that i really want a ps3 so im gonna end up with an 18 month contract........
    its either a good top spec phone and no free gift (or very expensive contract) OR a decent free gift and a low spec (albeit last yrs higher spec!!) phone. whatever djrich18 wants is the answer, but please dont forget quidco everyone!!!!!
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