mobile phone contract new deal required

    hi all two parted question really

    read earlier in the week that there is now a loophole for existing orange customers to cancel there contracts free of charge due to change of tc's , has anybody had any success with this yet?

    basically im on a £25 all in package for texts and calls but my web usage is killing me (average bill say £60 a month).

    hoping i can cancel my contract any ideas for a cheaper deal that allows unlimited net browsing, unlimited texts dont need to much in the way of calls tbh.

    thanks in advance


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    any ideas guys?


    I did it earlier today I was a bit weary of doing it but they've cancelled it :-) happy days can go get a new phone now, thing is i would like to stay with orange do you think i can take out a new contract with them

    I'd like to go back to PAYG. Do you think I could cancel my contract, even though its until 2011, then just buy a PAYG sim?
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