Mobile Phone Contract + PS3 + Any network

    Looking for a free PS3 80GB or 160gb with a contract thats costs about

    £30 to £35 a month pref on o2 but any network will do

    Mins 400 +
    TXT + 500 or unlimited

    what mobiles are avaliable

    like nokia lg sony

    camera 3.2, 5.0, 8.0 mp

    original contract expires 1 month today and tmobile are not offering me anything good



    Sony Ericsson W880i (and loads of other sony ericson phones) for 30quid a month with 400 texts and 500 mins, free ps3 80gb on [url][/url]. Loads of phones you can do it with for what your looking for, but only sony ericson or Skypephone (whatever they are!!)

    I got my contract phone off there with free GHDs and cashback and it all went smoothly with the free gifts. Although I did have a bit of trouble when my phone broke in trying to get it back from them, so watch out for that.

    There are also a load of complains on MSE where the 'free gift' either never arrived or took months of calling to get. Bear in mind the network isn't going to help you get the gift, it's an offer from the dealer, so beware. . .

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    any one else
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