Mobile phone contract swapping

    I have a mobile contract and fancy a change

    Been looking around on a few websites and from what I can tell you can transfer ownership / Direct debit to another willing person who has a good credit rating

    Has anyone else tried or done this please get back to me with some useful information thanks in advance ?

    Ps I have a htc hero G2 touch with screen protector on from day one and case in really good condition with 600 mins free texts and free internet if anyone is interested £25.00 per month for 11 months on t-mobile,


    Not sure how this works ? To do a customer account transfer the other person has to be able to pass the networks credit check? I don't see how cellswapper can help with that ? Either you can pass or you can't. Unless they're just putting people in contact with each other and leaving the rest of the work to you ?

    Original Poster

    Yeah thats what i thought do you know of any other websites that can help with this i dont fancy paying there £20.00 fee lol ... I was always told it was illegal or fraud but i guess you can do it on t mobile from what i've read up on could be quite good if i can find someone that is interested in my phone

    I didn't know there were any website that did it !!

    Its perfectly legal as long as you go through your network.

    Short of asking around I don't know how you'd find anyone ? (sorry)...
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