Mobile phone contract with free PS3?

    Hi all, I'm considering going to the dark side and getting a PS3 (gotta be 360 for games still though, PS3 for blueray and hd media files only) but only if I can get it on an O2 contract.
    Anyone find me a good value deal?
    Cheers in advance.

    p.s how long till Darknight stirs the PS3 vs 360 fanboy debate


    I am yet to come across a contract deal where its cheaper to get a game console / laptop. Usually you pay few hundreds more going this route

    p.s how long till Darknight stirs the PS3 vs 360 fanboy debate

    Oi :-D

    There are these ones at Phones 4 U.…on3

    Is there a particular reason it has to be O2 - you may find you can get the a cheaper contract with PS3 on another network, most of the O2 ones start at £30 a month and are for 24 months?

    There are these deals at as well, the vodafone one looks good at £25 a month 600 mins unlimited texts 24 monmth contract free Tocco Lite + the PS3 with batman and ratchet and clank. Also £50 quidco for as opposed to £35 with Phone 4U.…tml

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    want O2 so I can change my broadband to o2 to reduce my costs and get the £100 casback to offset the cost of they PS3
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