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Found 12th Dec 2009
Looking for a new phone since my k850i has just been through the washer :(. Must be touch screen with atleast a 5mp camera and must have 3g.

I figure my best bet is a contract phone since once my contract is over i can always stick the phone on ebay and get a little cash back, thats what the majority of people seem to be doing these days.

Whats the best deal for me ? im looking for atleast 150 mb internet per month.

Something else ive noticed though is these contracts with redemption/cashback, seems i can get some pretty good deals through this but it sounds too good to be true. Ive been looking at mobiledeals.co.uk and another e2save.com

Has anyone used these redemption things before, does it actually work ? I only ask since i really cant afford the usuall £30 a month so i dont want to purchase a phone with these companies only to find its a scam and i have to pay the full amount.


Hi, just watching your thread as I am looking to get a new phone aswell with either cashback or gift.

Historically, a fair number of companies doing cashback deals used to go under without paying. Nowadays, there are less players in the market and the two biggest, Carphone Warehouse (who have several other trading names including e2save) and Phones4U (who similarly have other trading names) are reasonably sound.

You have to be well organised to get the cashback by sending in the right bills and claim forms at the right time. The Ts&Cs are often complex and designed to ensure that a fair number of customers won't comply with them. If you're reasonably literate, you should be OK. My experience has been that you get the cashback much quicker from Phones4u companies than CPW companies. About 2 weeks after claim with P4u and 2 months with CPW!

The deals come and go but are often best on "clearance" (refurb) phones. I've had a few and they've all been as good as new, just not in the original packaging.

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Thanks for the help, ive looked around and theres really not much i fancy, atleast not in my price range. I fancied the LG GT500 but for some reason it doesnt seem to be 3 compatible which is a big + for me, not only that after reading reviews about various touch phones ive been put entirely off the touch idea.

I think my best bet is to wait until xmas is over with, maybe there'll be some good deals around January. Im up for the redemption idea, only i wouldnt want to rely on it so the contract i get would have to be around £15 - £20, i might just go for pay as you go in the end since its easier and probably does work out cheaper, the only downside is im not insured for loss or damage.

Ill keep a look out and again thanks for the help
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