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Found 4th Oct 2009
OK so going to buy my missus a Samsung Tocco Ultra for her birthday in 8 days. Have been looking at all the contracts available but to be honest it is unknown territory for me (a PAYG man myself). Ive seen some deals for 18 months, some for 24, but most are looking at around £20-£30 a month - and then theres quidco if tracked, redemptions, auto cashback... im lost to be honest.

Any kind soul who knows their stuff on contracts care to point me in the right direction as at this stage i just think sod it go down carphonewarehouse on phones4u and see what they can do ! TBH is that the best option anyway ?? Most online comparison sites seem to chuck up these 2 anyway. Also ive been looking at ebay to see if i get the phone on its own and then get a sim only deal... but looking at the Ultra its roughly £140 used and then if i assume shes gonna be paying at LEAST £10 on a sim only deal over 2 years thats £140 + £240 = £380. Looking at that figure i might as well go for a 24 month contract, new phone, and a tariff that will give her 600mins any network and unlimited texts, which a £10 a months sim only will not.

Confused !

Any help most appreciated and much rep given !


firstly have you thought about simply upgrading?
Best thing I would reccomend is to ring the retailers or if you have time even pop down to a branch, dont say yes to what ever they say push them into giving you the best deal or even a better phone for the same price, reccession has hit hard on the phone shops im pretty sure they wont let you go away so easily. if that doesnt work hunt around on ebay for a good bargain look for the late night auctions may get lucky and pick up a bargain and go for a simple sim only deal quidco are doing some amazing offers on them. best of luck Sarb

I have just put my son on Vodaphone £15 a month for 300 mins and unlimited texts. It was the best deal I could find for the samsung Jet which was the phone he wanted. Used which is the internet site for carphone warehouse. I have to say delivery was excellent and so far no problems with phone. One of the reason we like this contract too was that it was not on the cashback scheme. The discount is deducted off the bill every month i.e £15 instead of £25

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Looking at that deal...

So for a 24 month contract @ £15 a month and the phone at £20 id pay £380 - minus £40 quidco = £340

Looking at what sarbjeet said i could get the phone for say £130 on fleabay... sign up to the Vodaphone sim only for 12 months @ £20pm = £240, minus £100 quidco = £140 + £130 for the phone = £270. So then for the other year that the is offering the diff is £70. So even after the year is up and i took out a fresh contract with Vodaphone and got quidco i would still not find a year sim only for £70 and instead pay £70 extra.

Hmmm looks like that way is best starter unless anyone else has better ideas.

this is a bit of a hit and miss but call up vodafone and ask them for the tocco ultra with 600 mins and unlimited texts. They will quote you something like 35 pounds for 18 months = 630 pounds

but ask them for the 50% discount and it will work out to 17.50 a month for 15 months and the last 3 months for 35 pounds. This is a good deal and they would probably throw in a free bluetooth headset if you ask them

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Hamonk thats still £367.50 for an 18 month contract when starter's deal works out at £340 for a 24 month contract.

LOL this is where im confused soooo many diff contracts its hard to know which one is the best !

but u get a new phone and the starter deal is actually 380 pounds plus you get a bluetooth headset


You need a written contract that you get a jump on demand for the length of the contract. Or else you will loose out.

Hope this helps.
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