Mobile phone data expertise required to help me solve infuriating issue.

I am on talktalk mobile, and recently switched phones from a Samsung GS2 to an HTC one X. In doing so I needed a new 'micro' SIM, which I duly obtained.

The issue I am having is a frequent inability to access any secure websites (https://) via my phone data. Subsequently, I also lose the ability to connect successfully within any app that also requires access to secure web pages, for example gmail, playstore, topcashback....

When this happens (pretty much daily, I notice because I realise I haven't received any emails in a while....) Disconnecting and reconnecting the data connection doesn't help. Coming in and out of flight mode doesnt help. The only thing that *sometimes* helps is if I go into the APN settings for talktalk and click on -but don't edit- a few of the settings. When I do this and exit, it re-saves the settings so the connection drops for 5seconds or so whilst it I assume relaunches itself. Sometimes this temporarily solves the problem and allows me to quickly and easily and with no fuss access any https website (facebook for example).

I have triple checked all the APN settings against what they should be. I have spoken to talktalk numerous times but they are useless.

It's becoming unbearable. I switched to an o2 card for a couple of weeks last month and I didn't have this issue. So it is definitely network and not handset related.

The difference is stark and obvious on any of my browsers. Non secure websites load up virtually instantly. Secure websites try to load for about 10seconds then deliver a network error message.

I know completely that this is some variation of talktalk issue but they haven't been able to help me so far and I'm stuck for ideas.



Don't know myself but you could look on XDA developers web site see if they have the answer

If you've switched to O2 and it works it sounds as if the APN setting for O2 are set as the defaults.

Either find out how to set the talktalk setting as the default, or (if you're not going to use the O2 sim again) delete the O2 profile leaving just the talktalk profile, reboot the phone that's the only settings it can use.
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