Posted 23rd Jan 2023
Hey Everyone!
I’m after a new phone , which I will probably be buying outright sim free. I’ve currently got the iPhone 12 , I’m fed up with all the added extras like iCloud for example when my storage is full! Just money grabbers! I’ve had an iPhone since the very first. What’s the best phone on the market to replace ? Ive been looking to at options like Samsung s22 ultra and the pixel 7 pro? Or should I stick with iPhone?Any suggestions I would very much appreciate
Thank you
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    Try deleting the stuff on your phone first, especially stuff you have not used again. The iPhone 12 is still a very capable phone and I wouldn't use storage as the reason to spend.

    Also, if you have only used an iPhone, then the Android experience will have a learning curve, plus you will need to buy all the paid apps again.
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    I seriously urge you not to jump ship to Android, even though I use this blasted OS.

    Android is plagued with ads and Google data siphoning, e.g., every website one visits is sent to Google. In order to counter Google's belligerence, one needs to unlock the bootloader, then root the phone, followed by de-Googling the phone and installing non-standard apps such as Magisk, TWRP, LSposed, MicroG, etc

    All this takes time, effort, and resources.

    With this said, I highly recommend you to stick to iOS, and resolve your cloud hosting provider capacity issues and I suggest you migrate to that offers 50 GB free storage.

    You can create further free accounts with Mega, therefore one can have 100 GB, 150 GB, 200 GB, 250 GB, etc depending upon how much data you require to backup.
    Thanks so much for this, I have taken this on board appreciate it
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    Is there a real need for high end expensive phone?
    Unless for the camera (not that mid range cameras are even bad, just not as good) I don't think so, no.
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    Stick with what you have - and the money that you would have spent buying a new phone, may as well use it to pay for storage (once you've taken Bozo007's advice about deleting things first)
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    Wait till the S23 comes out in a couple of weeks and see what it's like first. Also it depends how much you are in apples ecosystem?
    Quite far into it , however I would be happy to jump ship
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    It depends what your needs are? For me personally I'd never need a £500-£1k flagship phone because I find a mid ranger is more than capable for everything I need it to do (browse internet, YouTube, texting apps) plus some companies even have added benefits such as 70-120w charging etc that flagships from Apple, Samsung, Google etc don't which I enjoy. I don't care about camera quality *too* much, I'm not a photographer so any camera on a new phone is usually good for me for social media etc. As I say it depends on your needs and wants. I would imagine a Pixel is probably your best bet if you want something that's similar to Apple, but I don't own one so take that with a grain of salt.
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    I’ve also had iPhones since the 3GS, a few years ago I thought the same as you and moved to a Samsung Galaxy. I absolutely hated it and lasted about 2 weeks. I think back in those days eBay was easier to sell on because I somehow managed to get back everything I spent on it.
    Anyway, never again for me but if you decide to go for it, you’re definitely doing the right thing by researching first.
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