Mobile phone dilemma....

    Here is my dilemma:

    I am torn between upgrading my 3 contract to a N95 8gb for £22 per month (600 mins, 100 texts) for 18 months - but will need to add £5 per month for unlimited internet.

    So if I take data usage as a given I would pay (18 x £27) £486 over 18 months.


    Unlocking my girlfriends Orange networked N82 and putting a £20 per month O2 sim in it (600 mins, unlimited texts plus internet bolton - no fixed contract, 30 days notice)

    and then buying a new phone in a year or two's time...

    Having played with the n95-8gb I am impressed with the big screen, the sliding mechanism is new to me and only mildly irritating at the moment. Conversely the orange branded n82 seems familiar but a little less exciting, but I guess I could remove the Orange branding. Is it easy to unlock this phone and put the O2 sim in it?

    any advice?

    What would over people do?

    Anyone had both these phones that could offer advice?


    Or you could talk Orange into giving you a nice shiny free phone with 600 minutes and unlimited text for £22 a month like I did...

    Original Poster

    depends what phone I guess - and did you get that through retentions?
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