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Posted 16th Feb
Hi All,

I bought an 02 contract for 24 months through mobile phone direct and cashback is from 6th month then 9 12 15 18 and 24.

Their website says I have to upload an image of the bill, how an I do this when I can only see my details on the O2 app.
I rang 02 and they said they will charge me if want paper bill.

Will mpd accept a screen shot from my phone?
Or I s there away a I can download a pdf from 02?
I joined in December so May 2020 would be the 1st bill to send?

Sorry for long post and would appreciate your help

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Doesn’t even look like you can view a proper bill in the my o2 app’ (I just checked, been with them 2 years), so it looks like you’ll need to pay and get paper bills for those months. (You can view a basic summary. They might take a screen of this as I think they just want proof you’re still with them)

You need to check (should’ve checked prior to taking the contract) with mobile phones direct how the cash back works. It comes from them not O2
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Why do you need to use the app? Cant you just log onto and forward on the bill in PDF?
Claiming is so easy.
like others have said, you will need to download pdf and upload it.
You get conformation very quickly and paid in 7-14 days.
I can’t remember which network I claimed with, but took screen shot of bill and it was accepted.
I've also just taken up a cashback contract through mobile phone direct via o2, you are able to download the pdf through the o2 site however it's launching as a html file when i open it, strange, a screenshot of the bill should suffice as per the cashback requirement is the bill shows the below info. You've got plenty of time before it's due so would be worth checking for confirmation

On the bill you provide we would need to see the following:

  • Date of the bill
  • The bill value
  • Your existing mobile number in relation to the bill
  • Your name (must match the name on the original order)
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you should be able to download the pdf version of the bill if you sign into your o2 account on the website. they won't accept screenshots, they will want the full bill.
Reasonably sure a consumer merchant has to provide an invoice "on durable medium" when requested and without charge, which most cellular providers discharge by allowing you to download a PDF version of the invoice with all the usual company disclosures on it etc.
As an aside: I think 3 operate a weird policy of not itemising the VAT on its downloaded invoices, which may be sailing a little close to the wind.
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