Mobile Phone for 10 year old girl for birthday !

    Daughter would like mobile for her birthday, anyone recommend a suitable phone.
    Specs requested are as follows: Camera, Pink or Purple.Tri-band preferred.
    We are on Virgin Mobile, so prefer this network if poss,
    Price upto £50 but may go slightly higher for the right one.
    Was looking at



    Why would a 10 year old need a phone?

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    Why would a 10 year old need a phone?

    i'll tell you why....... so she can have some independence and still be contactable and she can contact me if needed, you muppet !!

    If it wasn't for the sad society that we live in nowadays then she wouldn't need one !!
    thanks for your constructive help ! NOT !

    My ten year old has a samsung E250 which he loves, quite a few of the class have same phone too. Thats available in pink.

    Have you tried looking at the number on this thread, we got a reconditioned LG KC 550 for £40 off virgin via the number. Thread is expired but if you call and ask they often have new stock in I think,…780

    Saves the dinner going cold :thumbsup:

    Samsung J700 Mobile Phone Pink on virgin @ Tesco Direct is only £33.89 + Quidco... but currently out of stock. So depends how long until her birthday and when they get some in.


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    thanks to those who helped !! :thumbsup:
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