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    My mother is looking to get a new mobile phone, and looks to spend around £50 on it. The preferred choice is sony ericsson, as that in mine and other family members opinions seem to be the best and easiest to use phones. She wants to remain on the virgin mobile network, so a unlocked phone or a normal virgin locked phone would do the trick. Shes looking for something reliable, and solid, and the things you would expect a phone to do! Over to you guys ...



    She can't go wrong with the SE K750i - £49.99 from O2 - excellent camera. May come unlocked - but if not a fiver from the local shop to unlock.…563

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    Any other recommendations. Its a pain to unlock phones in my area! Thanks anyway.

    £44.99 ]http//sh…ce/

    phones from carphonewarehouse come unlocked.

    Woolies were doing some really cheap deals for PAYG phones when I was in the local one today…280

    + 5% Quidco too
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