mobile phone for £60ish what good consider refurbished?


    As above I am after a mobile for my hubby, must have bluetooth & camera.
    What is the best deal out there? any one?



    Try, they have a changing range of refurbished mobiles listed every day with some great deals. I've bought a few from them and they have been in mint brand new condition, never even had a scratch on them. You only get the phone and charger though and sometimes they through in a free memory card or 10% off but its still great value for money. Cheers.

    The Orange website have a good range of refurbished mobile phones quite cheap, around what you want to pay, might be worth trying them

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    Guys thanks very much i have just been into the orange site and as you said yes they do have a few phones but i just dont know what is worth it as i am not too hot on phones!!!

    The nokia n80 is a good buy and the n73 probably the best buys out of those models

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    thats great i will have a look now. Although i bought the 6500 slide when it was brought up on hotdeals about 6 weeks ago and i still have not got it!! I have an email saying due to the amount of orders they were unable to fulfill my order but as soon as it comes in stock they will despatch out to i say that was 6 weeks ago!!

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    right so you would say the n73 was better than the n80?????

    Sorry for delay....i prefer the n80 myself. but its really personal preference =)
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