Mobile phone for an 8 year old?

    My son really wants a mobile phone for his birthday, I can see it quickly getting lost or broken so dont want to buy anything too expensive until he's proved he can be trusted with it! (PAYG obviously and prefer o2) Anyone spotted any good deals out there?




    Get him a vodaphone 345 text.. £10
    Looks like a blackberry.. 9 day battery..

    Was going to say a Nokia 1800 or a Samsung E1080 from OneStopPhoneShop. These are 1p each with £10 airtime top-up on Vodafone though these are unlocked so you can switch the SIM once he's used the credit, the above might be better though.

    If you do decide to get one of these and if you purchase via Quidco then there's a possible £7.50 cashback.

    I have the Nokia 1800 and do find the keys a little fiddly though I do like it nonetheless as it's a Nokia which I personally prefer.…800…ack
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    Incidentally, there's a Vodafone 345 on eBay for £10. Very also sell these though there's a £3.95 delivery charge.

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    Thankyou both for the replies
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