Mobile Phone- for elderly + WhatsApp

Found 24th Dec 2017
Do you have any recommendations, tried seeing the DORO phones but they seemed much the same as standard smart phones in most cases
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What about that Nokia in that deal that's hot at the moment?…853
I googled it and unfortunately no whatsapp which is a deal breaker 😏
That's :(. Would have been fine otherwise I think
Looking into this it seems WhatsApp support was dropped from various phones, including those running older versions of Android. Is the issue with smartphones to do with being too complicated? You could get a modern enough phone to keep within the android version requirements and use something like simple TV launcher that just has a simple grid which you can define e.g. if you just want WhatsApp and phone dialer you could set it up with 2 columns and 1 row and then assign those apps to the 2 huge buttons (or some other combination of columns/rows that would still result in a simple big button interface).
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If it's the complicated interface of smartphones then you can install something like big launcher which simplifies it completely.
A latest model windows smartphone might be the answer. You can modify the front screen to show just the apps that you mainly use. Then it has an alphabetical listing of the apps on the phone for you to choose from.
Thanks will try the app
Don't touch windows phone.. It's dead... If thats what you want to do then get a android phone and put Windows 10 laugher on.. I think you should get a Samsung phone and switch it to simple mode.. It's basic and should work fine for what you want to do. I would then stick to Samsung phones in simple mode for ever.. Save confusion...
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