Mobile Phone for Less than 100

    hi, i managed to break my screen on the D900 and it really isnt worth spendind £60 on a repair

    can anyone reccomend a decent phone which is less than 100

    i dont like Sony Ericssons, not wanting a music phone and has to have a 3 mp + camera

    im currently looking at the G600 for 99.99 on the o2 website.

    any help?



    What about a nokia n73? You can get them for under £100. Its got a 3.2 mp camera. Im not sure where its cheapest but I know "the link" sell it on t mobile for under £100

    D900 agan for £69.99 at] Play

    Original Poster

    looking for a later model than the n73 cheers

    rather get a new phone than go back to the D900 thank you anyway

    G600??? + memory card+bluetooth handset
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