Mobile phone for Mum

    Basically my mum is looking for a new mobile phone. The most important thing about the phone is its design - it has to be reasonabley attractive with a good quality keypad. Also, the phone has to be simple and easy-to-use, yet also have a decent camera, one that is at least 3mp. Some of the phones she has been looking at include:
    -(Pink) Samsung U800, which she likes for its feminine very nice design and simple user interface, although the keypad seemed a little too flat
    -(Red) Sony Ericsson C902, which she likes mainly for its attractive design and 5mp camera, although its user interface seems a bit more complicated, and more importantly the keypad is a little too squashed
    -Emporio Armani Samsung M7500, which she likes for its stellar design, and general good features, although she isn't particuarly fond of its flat keypad
    -Samsung G600 Belle, which she liked for its camera, ease of use although she was undecided about its keypad and dull design
    -Samsung Lucido, which she liked for its (finally) good keypad, decent camera and user interface, but not so much for its dull design

    Any recommendations (keeping in mind that the keypad is very important along with the general desgin, simple user interface and decent camera) will earn yourselves rep, thank you!!!


    G600 even my mum can use one!

    I'd recommend a Nokia 6300. It's only a 2 MP camera, but apart from that, it's very easy to use, attractive in a fuctional sense, and a very easy to use keys and menu system.
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