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Found 28th Aug 2017
Hi. Does anybody bought recently any phone using Aliexpress or similar websites? I would like to buy Xiaomi phone, but I don't want to pay import duty and I think those phones come without any warranty.
Any recommendations where to buy the phone?
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Personally I buy from gearbest and use standard delivery, never paid customs.
Only had one problem but that was with Yodel delivering, gearbest sorted it.
Go for the cheapest postage and you should miss the duty. The quick couriers will charge duty. Takes about 2 weeks to come from China. Aliexpress offer postage insurance which you can remove if you use pc browser although I would use the phone app as you could get a discount code when you install. It's a lottery but the odds of getting caught with duty are slim. I have ordered 3 phones and mates have to and no duty to pay so far.
unless you source in the uk your warranty is not worth much
you will generally have to return your phone to vendor to get any repairs
thats the trade off in getting a cheap as chips phone sourced from china
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Bear in mind if you have to return it, it will cost you, and you will need to use an expensive tracked service.
I have had a note 4 from Aliexpresss, took 3 weeks to arrive, the tracking information was very good, and didn't have to pay taxes. So impressed with the phone I have bought another which has yet to arrive.
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