Just had my new Sony Ericcson W810i but it is locked to T Mobile can I use this with Virgin, also when my phone came from additions direct therre was no sim in it, was there supposed to be, confussed.......
    appreciate anyone's help.. thanks


    You should be able to as Virgin use the T Mobile network, the easiest way is to put a Virgin sim in & see....

    I received an email from MSE last week that contained an article on phone unlocking, I haven't tried it myself but here it is -…one I hope this helps!!! Its meant to be phones/unlock-mobile-phone it seems to be coming up wrong!!!

    I would have thought there should have been a sim in with it as you can't use a phone without one ...

    You should be fine using a virgin sim in it. Do you already have one you can pop in to double check?

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    I love this place and I love you people, what a great idea, everyone is so helpful, thank you all for you responses.
    added rep to all
    thanks again
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