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Help I'm in need of assistance. My £35 a month contract with Vodafone has now finally run out.
I am wanting to move onto something different as:
1) i'm not fussed with getting a new phone anymore. im happy with the one i have.
2) I dont use 500 mins because I only really call the wifes mobile phone!

Can someone advise me on a sim only type deal?

Vodafone gave a deal of 150 mins and 500 texts for £12 and when i said no thanks their manner and tone changed bordered on rudeness.
For £12 a month without getting a phone seems expensive to my uninformed self.

Any help is of course appreciated.

P.S please explain in laymans terms because i know nowt when it comes to mobile phones!




Asda PAYG is a good deal if you want PAYG.
8p min and 4p a text, and as they use the Vodafone network you can just bung the sim in your Vodafone handset without having to get it unlocked.

Yes vodafone don't like dropping below the £12 mark. You could ask them to throw in a free phone that you could sell. I payed £12.50 for 250 min & 500 test on a 18 month and a SE k770i. So if you get £50 for the the phone they sent your looking at less than £10 a month in real terms.

Vodafone do very good sim only deals but i would leave if they were rude to me so try
can cancel giving 30 days notice

shop.orange.co.uk/sho…sim again 30 days notice

you can take your number with you just ask vodafone for the pak code
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