Found 30th Apr 2009
My samsung soul has just broken and I'm in need of getting a new phone.

I'm fed up of getting expensive phones that are poor so was just wondering if any would recommend a phone that:
- has a good speaker
- good battery life
- strong
- half decent camera

Not looking for much obviously, but not wanting to pay that much either. Thinking 3.2 megapixel will do for the camera, although I dont want a slide phone because of problems Ive had in the past and need the speaker to be good because the samsung soul was poor.

Any recommendations will be appreciated.




Nokia 5310 Xpress Music is a nice little phone tempted to grab one myself 2mp camera,decent loudspeaker and it's a nokia which are usually well made & have decent battery life £54.95 delivered & Unlocked.

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Cheers but not really wanting that one, thanks anyway


Cheers but not really wanting that one, thanks anyway

Don't worry about it i'm not on commission:-D

How about a Nokia 6300, they are very reliable and a good price. Or Sony Ericsson K550 cybershot, Sony Ericsson W302. There are quite a few basic Sony Ericsson's you will just have to browse through them. It depends on your budget, but these are quite low cost handsets.


I would have recommended the 5310 too, its a great phone, very good all around... However it doesnt have the 3.2 MP camera, do you know how much you want to spend??? Sony Ericssons are usually very good for sound quality, the new Nokia's Xpressmusic range are also good for this too

Nokia = Quality and Ease of use
Sony Ericsson = Music
Samsung = Design
LG = Design

^ The above is just my opinion, hope I dont get lots of Sagem fans or anything else moaning at me, saying their Sagem MYXXXXXXXXXX is the best thing since sliced bread

Nokia 6500 Slide - Nice camera, 3.2MP camera quality better than quite a few 5MP cameras - Cons: Slide

Nokia 5310/5610/6300 - Good all round phones... Cons: Not 3.2MP Pro2: Its still a Nokia

Sony Ericsson K770i - Nice feature packed handset Cons: Its a Sony Ericsson

LG Cookie - Nice camera, small and compact Cons: Its a touchscreen, touchscreens are very easily damaged as they work by you jabbing away at the screen all day

Samsung Steel - Similar style to the Soul however without the Touchscreen part its more reliable Cons: Like buying a Porsch Boxster, everyone with a 911 laughs at you for not being able to afford the 911.

Uhmmm, think im just sleepy, hope all that makes some sense, lol

After over a decade of using Mobiles imo:

Nokia = Universal GUI, as mentioned above ease of use/Inferior battery life compared to SE
SE= More than just music, decent GUI but not as nice as Nokia's, superior battery life to any other mobile i've used
Samsung = Design as mentioned above but suits some
LG = Awful all round, form over function

I just bought this for my 2nd contract sim:…239

Replacing a K800i as I was getting fed up of carrying two bricks around.
I like it, same battery as K800i but better usage so lasts longer, not as loud as my main N95 but small profile which is why I got it.

As mentioned above 6300 is a good solid phone, no 3G though, if that's not important thats my main recommendation, if you can get it at a decent price.


^ Agree with above, however I do find the GUI of Sony Ericssons over complicated, they have some nice features like the Phone Number Backup option to Memory Card, however I always find they take 3 steps to do the same thing you can in a Nokia in just 1 step... Its probably just me but I find them just too complicated and yet im a software engineer, lol

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Thanks for the replies. Been looking today and seen the Sony Ericsson C510 which looks quite good. Anyone got any views on this phone?


Thanks for the replies. Been looking today and seen the Sony Ericsson … Thanks for the replies. Been looking today and seen the Sony Ericsson C510 which looks quite good. Anyone got any views on this phone?

For how much?…php…tml


Google is your friend...

Have a play with a family or friends SE phone, judge for yourself if you like the UI, if not look elsewhere, but I recommend Nokia, 6300 or 6500 Classic.

One make we forgot to mention was Motorola, anyone remember the Startac? They had one bright idea a few years ago with the V3 (which is my spare PAYG mob now) and didn't come back with any thing else and they all still have an awful, truly awful, UI.

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Thanks, been looking at the reviews, sound quite good. They almost all say about it being good value for money.

Saw it for £100

The large screen (by a smidgen @ 2.3inches vs 2-2.2inches for most mobiles) seems nice.

Suspect theres a good £20+ premium on it's 1st 12months of value, if that makes sense, it's a brand new model I can see it being £60 or less come Christmas.

£90 here:…tml

You don't specify network though, I'm not sure it's unlockable yet?

I was being diplomatic with regard to Motorola


Lol, so was I... lol
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