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    I am currently looking to get a new phone and am torn between 3. Either I-Phone, HTC Hero or the Samsung Galaxy.

    Im leaning towards the HTC Hero cause of the deal here…77/

    Free phone, free web and more minutes and texts I could ever use.

    Although after reading some reviews for the Samsung the best deal I could find was here,346212930?adnetwork=af&adnetwork=af

    400 cross-network mins + Unlimited texts + 500MB Anytime Mobile Internet Browsing 24 months
    500MB Anytime Mobile Internet Browsing Magic Numbers Orange Wednesdays Orange Gigs and Tours Optional FREE Home Broadband

    What I would like to know is if the Galaxy is better than the Hero or if I should forget about these 2 and go for the I-Phone as most people seem to recommend them. Is there a better deal for the Galaxy?

    The main thing im looking for in the phone is to have an organiser and calendar which I can synch with online email account to keep track of things, instead of carrying a PDA.

    Any help or advice is much appreciated. My current phone is a Sony W850i so any of those phones are gonna be a massive improvement.



    I love the iphone to be honest. But am waiting until the Orange iPhone is released next month and the Vodafone iPhone is released early JAN. Competition will get nasty, and some new bargain tarriffs will be around. Orange have alread said they are to be much cheaper than the current o2 tarriffs.

    I have an iphone and the missus has the HTC Hero and I must say it's a really good phone. The Andorid market is good and a lot of similar/same apps as iphone. I'm sure it syncs with Windows/google too and you can obviously access email with it.

    Then again I do love my iPhone, it's sad but it's hard to think what I did without it!

    HTC Hero , definitely

    My OH just got the HTC hero and its gorgeous! definitely go with that one...its sooo clever
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