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    I don't really know much about phones, only use a PAYG

    Wife also uses PAYG but would like to look for a contract and wondered what good deals people here can guide me to so can sort one out for her.

    She uses mainly for texts and calls, so really want a relatively cheap deal - maybe £20 p/m - to give her a decent amount of texts and calls as she uses our landline now and it's getting pricey with all the mobile calls

    Internet would be a bonus but not willing to pay extra for that, if bundled in then all good!!

    Thanks for help!!


    Hi, really depends on how many minutes and texts you want. Recently I took out a sim only 1 month contract from t mobile for wife. You get 350 minutes cross network and 200 texts. You also get a choice of flexible boosters. I chose Internet as I was going to use for iPhone. It was £15 a month. If you need more minutes/texts just check the website.

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    Sounds like a good deal, would be enough texts and minutes i'm sure

    Any chance you can keep numbers when doing these kind of deals?

    Have got the kids on a tesco mobile sim only deal. 250 mins and unlimited texts. £10 per month. No contract, cancel any month. Can also keep own number.

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    Hmm, good deal spurs1, may look into

    Know she'd like a new phone, but will see what we can get
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