Mobile Phone Help Please.....

    Im not the most techically minded person in the world so would be grateful if anyone can help
    I want to sell my old phone now that ive upgraded. Its on O2 but will accept a Virgin simcard.. My question is from that alone can i assume its unlocked and advertise it as such?
    Probably a really dumb question but id appreciate any advice..
    Thank you in advance and for taking the time to read!


    it may well be unlocked as they are different networks, last i heard virgin used t-mobile's network, why not try another sim card in it? or just say can be used on those networks?

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    Thanks for replying Just tried a tesco simcard in it and it looks like it works but then again im not 100% sure because it looks to me that you need to register it before being certain (if that makes any sense!) :oops:
    Rep left for your advice tho!

    if it doesnt ask you for a sim code then its unlocked although tesco use o2 so maybe not the case ahve you got any proper carrier sim cards eg t-mobile, vodaphone or orange?

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    Tried a tmobile sim and it didnt ask for any code, so im assuming that means its unlocked?
    Thanks again for all your help- i appreciate it....

    If its an o2 contract phone then, yes its unlocked.

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    It was-so thank you
    Rep left for your help...

    Yes its defo unlocked.

    Look at hu5tler tryin to do what i did! hahaha
    Haven't you got enough rep? lol

    Just kiddin buddy
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