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    There`s been alot of talk about this, but I am still non the wiser. I would like to buy one of the mobile phones with cashback and for free. I see quidco will give me £30 cashback, but how do I get the rest to make it free? :?: Do they send me a voucher ? My brain is simple , so I need this in bassic language, please. Many thanks


    For most, you pay for the contract like normal (say £30 per month) and then at specified intervals, you send your bill off and you get a cheque back in the post.

    For example, if it's £30pm and you get 9 months half price. You would normally send off month's 3, 6 and 9. The time would look like this:

    Month 1 - Bill for £30
    Month 2 - Bill for £30
    Month 3 - Bill for £30 (send this off)
    Month 3 - Cheque for £45
    Month 4 - Bill for £30
    Month 5 - Bill for £30
    Month 6 - Bill for £30 (send this off)
    Month 6 - Cheque for £45
    Month 7 - Bill for £30
    Month 8 - Bill for £30
    Month 9 - Bill for £30 (send this off)
    Month 9 - Cheque for £45
    Month 10 - Bill for £30
    Month 11 - Bill for £30
    Month 12 - Bill for £30

    It will of course change depending on how much cashback you get and exactly when of course, but thats generally how they work.

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    So when you sighn up they will tell you this or you just have to send it yourself and keep an eye on it?
    But it still does not work out free. You still pay over £100. Has anyone actually got any of the mobiles for free or very cheap?

    That was just an example, some will refund you all the tarrif. I just chose a simple one, sorry. They all do differ though as to when you send the bills off and how much you get. the best thing I found to do was ask when you place your order, write down which months you need to send off and how much to expect each time, pop this on a post-it note and place it on the folder where I keep the bills, so each month I can look and never miss a cashback.

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    Thanks for that.

    It's always a good idea to send the bills/claims recorded delivery so they can't pretend they never got it.
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