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I'm lucky enough to have a company mobile but my wifes current contract with 3 is about to run out and we want to get her the best deal but there are literally 1000's out there and I'm not sure where to start.

She wants 600 minutes and 300 texts. Not bothered about internet minutes either.

She is after a normal phone, no Blackberry or iPhone or anything snazzy, just something normal.

Not at all bothered about any free gifts, however if these come along we can sell them on Ebay.

I've trawled through the pages on here but just want the best deal available for what she requires.

Any advice at all people????



As there is so many options, I think your best option is to look for a phone you like the look of, then ask for the best deal for the phone.

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Okay, I've found a Samsung Tocco Lite, a Nokia 2220 Slide or an LG Cookie Lite T300.

600 mins, unlimited texts, a free Nintendo Wii or DSi or similar.

£25 a month for 18 month contract.

Is that good or not?

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Thats where I found the deals above, there are so many though, been trawling for 3 hours so thought I'd ask HUKD people for advice.

Simple phones on good tariffs.

message sent, hope it doesn't break any rules.

i think you should get a sim only deal if your not after a fancy phone.…877


i think you should get a sim only deal if your not after a fancy phone. … i think you should get a sim only deal if your not after a fancy phone.

Would concur with this - no need to spend £25 per month for a basic phone. Just get a sim only deal such as the one mentioned here or have a look at Giffgaff.

Then just buy one of the handsets you mentioned on a PAYG basis and pop in the sim - you can get the Samsung Tocca Lite from for £29 and will come unlocked therefore accept any sim (please note the ones priced at £29 are classed as 'Refurbished' but in my experience will come looking new and are simply returned handsets within 7 day cooling off period). Link below:…tml

Ring 333 and see what they offer you?

For £13 I get

2000 any network mins
Unlimited texts
10,000 3 to 3 mins
All you can eat data
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