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Found 27th Jan 2008
Hey all, I needs some help:

So I have an LG Chocolate as my texting phone currently and its fine does the job but boy does the memory capacity for messages fill up quickly!

Does anyone know a website which gives you the text message capacity of mobile phones? I know the newer phones can use the memory card to store messages on, as my Nokia E70 did this. But if anyone knows it would be helpful.

Many thanks in advance :-)


is it not in your manual for the phone or in the phone memory setting in your phone which tells u how much space u have for messages ? x

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hey mostwanteddirect thanks replying..

Yes it is, but Im looking for a new phone which has a higher capacity than the 150 that the Chocolate has, hence I'm trying to find out what phones have how much storage capactiy..

Generally speaking I would use because they usually tell you all you need to know about a phone, however they dont tell you the text message capacity

If you get a Nokia S60 Symbian series operating system based mobile phone (e.g. Nokia N73, 6120 classic, etc.), it lets you store the text messages onto and external memory card. In theory then you can then store an almost unlimited amount of text messages depending on the size of the memory.

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thanks Kai, thats what I had in my E70 S60 series also ... I think I may have to go back to something like that!

Don't forget to delete your messages in the Sent Messages folder too because they also fill up the memory.

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cheers Spriggan I do this everyday hehe still no good
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