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    Hi, I'm a bit useless with mobile phone contracts and was hoping someone can enlighten me as to whether this will work. I currently have a Nokia 5800 on orange and I pay £25 p/m for 600 mins unlimited text and it finishes in December. I want to get a blackberry Storm 2. If I didn't have a contract I would get…tml on the fourth option down, which works out to be £27 p/m ish.
    However, I could pay an extra £5 p/m for orange internet, recycle my current handset for £85 and get a new unlocked Storm 2 from ebay for £230 ish., meaning I would be paying £30 p/m until December and then no longer be tied in and be paying £150 for my handset.
    Firstly, would the storm work with my current Orange sim to do this and secondly is it legal?



    youll have to get it unlocked - £10 or so depending on if the phone can be unlocked - check goggle

    yes it is legal - just dont tell anyone but your mates

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    yes it is legal - just dont tell anyone but your mates

    so how legal...
    also just wondering about whether it would need a different size sim or with other functions or anything? would BBM still work etc? Hard to find this info without just asking someone.


    well if something happens to your phone then you cant moan to orange about it. other than that it is perfectly legal

    i dont know much about the BBS2 so best to ask someone who does

    and your best bet would be to sign up to a phone forum (goggle is your answer)

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    Yeah I was going to but I couldn't be arsed. Never had a question yet that hasn't been answered on here really well! Nee to find out if it makes any difference that I bought it through Dial-a-phone too...

    The network don't care what phone you have your sim in (but they can tell which phone it in).
    You'd need to get the network setting for the BB if the one you get in on your network to start with but that easy, they can text them to your new phone.

    The only factor would be if you lose or get stolen the BB (if you have care or insurance). They won't supply you with a new BB as they didn't give it you on contact. So if you have care, cancel it and save some ££...
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