Mobile Phone Insurance

Is it worth it.. Have just bough new iphone 3g and im now panicing as to wether to insure it or not.
If so what it best insurance provider or cheapest way of getting it
Help me people..


im sure they offer it with ur contract ask them

Depending who you bank with you may find your account has the option of offering free mobile insurance, also some house contents policys cover phones.

One thing to check whith which ever insurance company you end up with check the small print to see what is covered ie water damage and any excess on the policy,

Well my mate had the old iphone went to the gym and dropped a weight on it he was gutted and forked out for a new one and still decides hes better off without insurance. Personnally i think it worth buying cos anything could happen, Just my thoughts

i got free mobile insurance with advantage gold from natwest , its really good it costs £12 a month for a joint account , which is about the same asmobile insurance for 2 , you also get holiday insurance , and car breakdown cover with homestart theres other benefits but cant rememeber as ive had a few beers! had to use the mobile insurance and they paid up ok , but you do have to regester it and when you make a claim you also have to send them the paperwork which u get with the phone, i didnt have this but got intouch with 3 and they forwarded me a copy sorted

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mmm ill look into this then.
could be a possibilty
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