Mobile phone insurance

Posted 27th Dec 2019
Has anyone any good recommendations and post your experiences for mobile phone insurance . (that covers my daughters mobile phone for xmas.)

looking to have the following

accidental damage
liquid damage
Loss away from home
theft away from home
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Try her / your bank. My Lloyds account covers all I need as well as other benefits. Speak to them and they can adjust and upgrade cover. I did for world wide holiday insurance (cost me extra £10 per year) no excess etc
Bank / building society account feature.
Put on house insurance, I have personal possession up to £7500 what covers phones and other stuff, I don’t know if you will get accidental on that but if not just say you lost it. Only pay an extra £2-3 for it a month...
Definitely your bank is best if they do it but house insurance is a decent option price wise but the thing that puts me off that is if I make a claim that’s a claim in my house insurance so I was worried price would go right up.
Most banks offer phone insurance but check the excess amounts
I use betterbuy insurance and they have been pretty good so far. Reasonable prices
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