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Posted 21st Apr
Never really had a mobile phone that was particularly valuable. Missus has upgraded my Honor Play for me to a P30 pro. I normally don't bother with mobile insurance but I think she'd deck me if I break the screen like I normally do. I bank with NatWest but they won't currently allow me to upgrade to a policy including phone insurance. Ideally looking for month to month as I'll move to my banks insurance once this virus has buggered off.

Cheers and stay safe.
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Check with your House insurance. Got my phone added to mine with no charge just make sure you check the T&C and what's covered
yup usually covered on the house insurance.

Also its worth adding a Glass screen protector, they've saved screens on so many phones in my house as the kids are always dropping phones. Not had a broken screen since we started using Glass screen protectors.

I usually order them from aliexpress,take a few weeks to arrive but you get 3 for a couple of quid.
Cheers, didn't even think if that.
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