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    I am in the market for some mobile phone insurance. Have seperate phones which ideally need to be insured.

    1) iPhone 3G 16GB (Contract taken out in April, but phone replaced with brand new handset a few weeks ago due to technical fault)

    2) iPhone 3G 8GB (Underwent water damage, and have paid £140 to o2 to have it fixed / replaced. Only trouble is we don't know whether it will be a brand new replacement or a refurb)

    Phone 1 is technically less than a month old, and have proof of purchase from when I collected my replacement phone.

    Phone 2 is currently over 6 months old, but may be replaced with a new model.

    So need an insurer/s who will insure these phones. Don't mind if one is with one insurer, and one is with another.

    Also, is there any mobile insurance companies who will insure a phone older than 6 months old.


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    Any help / advice appreciated.
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