Mobile phone insurance experiences?

    I'm interested in getting phone insurance for my S7 edge, I've never bothered with phone insurance before, but I am genuinely concerned if I drop the phone I will shatter the screen

    After reading a few reviews online, I am quite hesitant, and have 0 idea who to go with. So i'd like to hear some experiences from people who have claimed with their phone insurance provider

    My requirements, accidental damage, 50 quid excess, and I purchased the phone from amazon fr (not sure if this will be a problem)



    i'm in the same boat

    however, i added personal posessions (incl. mobile phone) onto my home insurance for approximately £20 for the year which considering i already had accidental damage, covers everything a phone insurance plan does. my excess is £100 but you can probably lower it

    and with regards to, maybe, as most insurers usually require a receipt showing purchase brand new from a UK VAT registered business, not sure how they'd treat

    I have insurance on my phone with Vodafone.

    For accidental damage some house content policies will cover this. That said, the only time I have claimed has been for repairs. There is an excess and it has been pain free claiming via Vodafone.

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    I'm a student, I dont have a house to insure

    Have you put it in a good case

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    Have you put it in a good case

    I don't always use the "good case" since it makes the phone annoyingly chunky, so I alternate between that case and a low profile spigen case

    try an online insurance company, they are alot cheaper than the insurances that phone shops provide.

    check also as most will not cover water damage
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