Mobile phone insurance for iPhone 4


    I was wondering if anyone can advice the best/cheapest mobile phone insurance company online. Preferably one they've had good experiences with.

    I've just bought a pay as you go iPhone 4 and at £599 Id be mad not to insure it. I remember I looked through a few for my old iPhone but none of them seemed to cover loss.

    Can anyone help out?




    You can do it with you house cover (not recommended as it would affect you no claims) or the bank.


    i'm sure o2's insurance covers loss i pay £7.99 a month

    A member said Barclays cover the iphone 4 if you have an account with them. I have my iphone 3gs 32g covered with my natwest account. I dont know if they cover iphone 4 but worth checking with whoever you bank with!

    LLoyds TSB do one with silver account includes AA cover, travel insurance and cover for 2 phones up to 600 squidies. Thats £7-8 a month.


    i'm sure o2's insurance covers loss i pay £7.99 a month

    o2's insurance has gone up to £15 a month now but yes does cover loss. Extortionate.…nce
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