Posted 29 December 2022

Mobile phone insurance for refurbished iPhone recommendations?

Just waiting on my refurbished iPhone being delivered and thinking I should probably insure the device. anyone got any recommendations for a company?
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  1. deleted9453's avatar
    Nationwide flexplus account

    Worldwide travel insurance for family living at your address
    Phone insurance for family living at your address
    Car breakdown for each account holder.
    £13.50 a month.
    razo's avatar
    Great for expensive android phones, but the £100 excess for iPhones specifically makes it less good if you're in the Apple camp. Might still be a good option though, especially if you manage to haggle the monthly fee down as I did.
  2. DaveG46's avatar
    Will House insurance cover it?
    BettyBoo1012's avatar
    No unfortunately not
  3. Deleted041071960810's avatar
    Make sure they'll cover a refurbished one.

    I had insurance years ago for a larger memory iPod Touch, and the company I used at the time wouldn't pay out because Apple had replaced it under warranty,
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    Thanks. The company I have purchased from has emailed offering insurance so I could maybe just go with them 
  4. StudentGrant's avatar
    I've claimed couple times for used phones on Nationwide mobile insurance. They want a receipt for purchase of your old phone. And they tend to just replace the phone with a reconditioned phone, which turned out to mean a tattier phone with less battery life. First one out of the old-but-still-working box that matches the model you're claiming for. They're under no obligation to match your original phones condition, even if you can prove it was better. Pursued complaints in both cases and ended up little better off. Think all the bank insurance deals use the same mobile insurance provider.
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    Have had a similar experience with nationwide refurbed phones in tatty condition, but was able to just keep returning the ones they sent until they gave in and paid out the value, which was nice.
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