Mobile Phone LG L343i

    Hi there

    Can anyone help find me a good deal online for this phone?

    The phone is a LG L343i and I can get for £69 from O2 retail shop Bloomfield Shopping Centre Bangor Northern Ireland(which included handing in old phone...£10 off retail price of £79)

    I would like to buy this online if you can find it cheaper. I am moving networks from Vodaphone to O2 and am going for "Pay As You Go" terms.

    I am always up for suggestions for another phone if the price is right. :thumbsup:

    Thanks for your help


    PS Thanks for this Great Site........I have bought many items from your suggestions and I have recommended it to all my friends. Keep up the good work :grin:


    Check your PM Kerrso05.

    :pirate: CJ :pirate:

    Cheapest I found was £79:-

    If you go through Quidco you will get 8% back. That makes the phone £72.68 and you keep your old one

    £85 from Marshall Ward but if you use the 20% voucher in the voucher section that makes it £68 and going through Quidco gives you £4.08 making the mobile only £63.92 and you still keep your old mobile:-

    Just a word of warning to do with Marshall Ward - There is some doubt whether or not the 20% off voucher gives you 20% - some members say that only 10% came through on their statement.

    It did the first time, but I corrected it 2 seconds later.... they are the same company anyway, and great universal don't honour the 20% discount on electricals.


    Original Poster

    Hi guys

    Thanks for all your help and quick responses in this matter but you haven't been able to beat O2s offer of £69. I forgot to tell you that I bought my old "Brick" phone nearly 6 years ago for about £40 and I couldn't care about it and if O2 want to give me £10 for this useless phone then, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth

    I have just been offered a Sony Ericsson K510i for around £78 which gets brilliant reviews and I have seen it in the flesh and it looks good and it probably is technically better than the LG (but IMHO its not as cute as the LG) but I am open to persuasion and suggestions for other phones that can better O2s offer of £69.

    Again, thanks for all your help in this matter.......I'm sure you can beat O2......can you?

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