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Found 15th Jun 2010
I've never owned a mobile phone but am now considering buying one for emergency use only. I intend to use a Pay As You Go tariff.

Forgive my ignorance, but could someone answer the following for me:

1) I believe a mobile phone needs a 'Sim' Card.
What exactly is this and do I have to purchase it separately?
How do I fit it into the phone?

2) How do I top-up the phone at a supermarket etc.?

3) Is the top-up amount valid only for a set period or until the credit is exhausted no matter how long?
Many thanks


if you want a cheap basic phone for emergency only this is a good deal remember you get £7.50 back throo quidco…0-t,,,thanx to amibees,,
this comes with sim inside and credit on it

very easy to top up instore shop asstant would help

credit is not time ltd

Sim Card identifies what network(s) you can use and identifies you as a customer to the network

You sim can be tied to a topup card should your sim pay as you go account run out of credit

Most credit lasts, depends on the network.

I suggest speaking to friends and family, if it's for emergencies only then you shouldn't spend more ethan £15 total.…0-t

Is a good example, go through TCB and £7.00 Cashback after spending £11, so £4 for a mobile and £10 credit.

pay as you go mobiles come with sim cards. i would decide which network you like best (look at cost of calls etc) and buy a phone that is with that network.
you can top up in a number of ways, including over the phone, at a cash point and on the internet.
the credit is on the phone until you use it
hope that helps
when you buy a phone don't forget to go through to get some cash back
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