Mobile Phone Recommendations under £200.00

    Looking for a new phone with a budget of £200.00.

    Needs to be a smart phone but not fussed about quality of camera.

    Currently have OnePlus X.

    Had been looking at Xioami Mi5 but have heard they are buggy. Have also looked at Nexus 5x but can't find that in my price range.

    Not really sure what phones to look for and which to avoid. Any help is appreciated!


    Check out the lenovo p2. Three sell them unlocked.

    wot, noone has said Moto G5 yet! oO

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    I'm wondering whether to wait for Nokia 6 which looks decent at around £195.00.

    I would def go for one of the Xioami's,
    I have got 2 in the last year for family and super happy with them, not buggy at all

    samsung a3 2017. great phone

    Lenovo P2....amazing phone for £200..battery life is just crazy. great reviews everywhere...…iew…ver…-p2…iew…ams

    Decent Snapdragon CPU, 4Gb Ram, 32Gb storage, 5.5" 1080p AMOLED screen, 5100MaH battery, Fingerprint reader, 13Mp/5Mp Sony camera's. what's not to like.....

    no Chinese warranty issues either. In stock at three stores at that price

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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 global edition. Had it a couple of weeks now, excellent. About £140 takes a week to 10 days to arrive

    Asus zenfone max

    Another vote for lenovo p2


    wot, noone has said Moto G5 yet! oO

    I second the G5. Moto is the best.


    I second the G5. Moto is the best.

    I think If £200 is the budget the P2 offers a little more than the G5...the extra battery power alone is reason enough I think but the extra 16gb storage is useful as well.
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    Is the P2 bulky?


    Is the P2 bulky?

    Not at all...I really don't know where they put that battery...It's Thinner than my Galaxy note 4 was...and that had a 3400 Mah battery.

    its also thinner than the G5…319
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