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    Question 1, Can anyone tell me this. When buying a phone on the T mobile website it doesn't give me the option to enter a pac code. Do I just order the phone and transfer the number when I get it.

    Question 2, I have requested a pac code but my current account is in my dads name. So will I have any problems transferring that pac to this phone in my name.

    Question 3, when I select a T-mobile flexible booster, can I change this as I want.

    Thanks Gav


    question 1
    yeah you can, I heard the option on their customer service line the other night although I have to say they are off shore and the info we got from 3 different agents was ridiculous... the last one sorted our problem but the other two were just making up the most confusing stories... beware, if you dont get an answer 1st time try again!
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    Question 2; No problem. The new network won't ask any questions about who the number belonged to.

    Question 3; I 'think' you can change it once each billing period ?
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    Thats great. thanks guys.
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