Found 24th Sep 2008
have just got the phone to 3 who after some haggling have offered me the mokia n96 for £36 which includes,
mix and match 500
300 3-3 mins
free voicemail
4000 voip mins
150 video mins
unlimited internet
and free e-mails
i use roughly 200mins and 200 texts a month so priceplan seems perfect but is the price the best that i am going to be able to get for the above deal and phone


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surely there is some mobile experts out there

How much?
150 voice mins? get shot of that

I got a k850i about 8 months ago £0

300 mix and match mins
300 3-3 mins
free voicemail
4000 voip mins

£10 a month

Trick is the people you phone cant offer good deals
cancel the contract
and in about 2 weeks retentions will phone
offering good deals

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agreed its not the cheapest deal i could get but i want the latest phone which seens as the n96 isnt even out yet is as latest as you can get,i also need m&m 500 due to usage and no point in getting the phone without unlimited internet usage as wouldnt be making the most out of phone,
so if you say thats another £8 on top of the deal you got am i likely to get the offer any lower as if you read on mse they are saying that 3 are offering no decent retention deals anymore and contract finishes in 5 weeks.

They offered me any phone at the time
and the best was n95 8gig and k850i
so went with the k850i as i liked my old k800i

Its worth a go at 1 month to go phone them and cancel
and see what retentions say when they phone

with the package you want
i would expect the phone for nothing
and £10 off the monthly contract if your lucky
and 5 if not

mine is

£15 + have to take £3 video mins
they gave me £5 off and i didnt have to take the video mins

so £10 all in with any phone

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they are ringing back on friday so might try and get a little more off dont know if i can wait another month as want the phone when it is released,
has anybody been offered the n96 yet and if so for what price,
rep on the way shonk for the info

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has anybody had a play with the n96 and can give some advice about its usability,3 are sending me one on wednesday but cant switch it on if i want to send it back so could do with some info if anybody has any

what deal did you end up getting?

I recently accepted a N95 8gb for £22 per month (18 month contract)

It remains on the talk and text 600 package I have (500 mins, 100 texts)
Plus I get £10 worth of calls to international numbers (which i will actually use) per month

Phone was a one off £15 charge.

Am sure it is not the best but was bored with all the hassle.

Alternatively after my previous 18 months was up, did I still need to give 30 day notice of cancellation? I foolishly asked for a PAC code waiting for retentions to call, bit ut never happened. Doh!

Also as soon as you accept a upgrade you are locked in for another 30 days right?



They offered me any phone at the timeand the best was n95 8gig and … They offered me any phone at the timeand the best was n95 8gig and k850iso went with the k850i as i liked my old k800i

lol don't accept advice off this guy, thinks the K850i is better than the N95 8gig :w00t: :lol:

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they sent me the n96 for £36 but i am not accepting it so they are arranging to pick it back up.i thought they might of offered a little bit more of the price to save on losing money on the phone but they are being right arkward so and sos at the moment so i think i will be asking for my pac code on friday and going elsewhere

i just ask for retentions straight away and ask whats the best you can offer to keep me leaving the network.
600 min
unlimited data
n95 8gb
£20 a month with o2.

Thats with O2 though, it's nigh on impossible to get '3' customer services to match the retention deals they give other 3 customers let alone other networks.

Anyone out there been offered and accepted any good N95 8GB offers from '3'

What did you get?

Also am I likely to need data usage i.e pay £5 per month for Internet Max.

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3 retentions are useless at the moment,i had a conversation with them offering me the same deals as new customers when i said taht i could sign up as new adn get £100 from dialaphone or whoever i was accused of trying to get everything for nothing and i wont find cheaper than them,my 30 day notice goes in on friday and i cant wait to leave
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