Mobile Phone Sat Nav advice

    Looking for a bit of help/guidance here please

    I want to get a new mobile that has sat nav. A lot seem to have GPS support, which seems to mean Google maps can be used. However, there is a data charge whenever you use it. As I am on PAYG I think this could become an issue, but I have no idea what a typical data charge would be?

    Nokia Ovi maps seems to be the only free sat nav program as you can add maps to the phone offline. Is this the case, as it means I’m limiting myself to a Nokia phone?

    I’d consider paying for a sat nav program if it was decent (as while I’ll mainly be using the sat nav when walking, it could replace my tom-tom for driving)


    Orange San Franscisco. You can have google maps that you can use offline and built in GPS. Lots of threads on HUKD about them including how to unlock to any network for free. (Cost about £100 incl madatory top up)

    Ovi maps are good and the sat nav is actually not too bad if im honest, the new nokia N8 looks like a great phone and cant wait to get if next month on upgrade. HTC Desire HD apparently has google maps preloaded into, which means that you dont need a connection? plus the desire HD runs on android meaning youve really got a great phone for apps aswell. Id go with either Nokia or a HTC phone ( even just stick with android OS then you cant go too far wrong) if Sat Nav is what your after

    I use an iphone, I use Tomtom. The maps are already loaded and it's just like your sat nav unit. In fact most iphone sat nav software works this way. I did purchase co-pilot for use in the states but it's useless and sent me on a fools errand. I now use Tomtom for the states as well.

    It's not cheap, you have to factor in the cost of an iphone and of course a car holder. I was lucky my kids bought me the official tomtom holder with built in gps (works with an ipod too) and I managed to get half price itunes vouchers or buy when tomtom was on sale. I now have Europe, USA and Australia. I also purchased the Europe traffic add on which does use data but hardly anything.

    You can get garmin for the Nokia, I've used it and it is very good. It also does not use any data.

    you can also get NavFree for the iPhone, totally free and fully functioning

    Have a look at Copilot which is what I use on my HTC Desire iand I would say tis the closest satnav I have seen to tom tom and Copilot has never let me down.

    It is not a free app and I am unsure of the current cost but it is very good and does not use any data allowance so well worth having a look at.

    I'd second Copilot. My lads gone across Europe using it.
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