Mobile phone/ sat nav recharging pack for car?

    ive just noticed my nice new car doesnt have a
    cigarette lighter.. which is highly annoying but
    nevermind, my fault for not paying attention.
    is there anything you can buy to charge stuff like phones
    / sat navs on the go?
    like a rechargeable battery pack or something like that?
    ive seen the odd thing around, but not sure how good they are



    Are you sure it doesn't have one in the passenger footwell?

    What make and model car is it?

    Some cars come with a 12v plug in, rather than a cigarette lighter, I would have another look

    Original Poster

    no, im pretty sure it doesnt.
    its a 2002 VW Polo 1.4 Auto
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    I think there is a (12V socket with cover) in luggage compartment,


    polo socket is in the ash tray centre console? You can buy sockets on ebay if yours doesn't its just a matter of feeding the wire through the fire wall and connecting to battery. Make sure you use an in line fuse you can easily reach.

    If its not there try the glove compartment
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