mobile phone screen protector?

    hey, looking to buy a screen protector for my i8510. i can only find one that is specifically made for the i8510, that is a martin fields screen protector. i was looking to buy an invisible shield one but there is not one available for my phone. but there may be one soon.

    looking to buy one for the tocco and diamond too, both brands do screen protectors for those.
    so which is better? invisible shield or martin fields?



    Hi. You could always try the generic ones and cut to size. I bought a couple on fleabay from a Hong kong seller, they arrived in around 5 days. 4 for £3 I think it was and that included delivery.

    Surprisingly enough I cut to size for my N95-8GB and they are great, can hardly notice them once their on, no air bubbles or nothin, non adhesive ones so they are not actually stuck to the screen but they seem to be doing a great job of protecting the screen from scratches etc.

    Scribbles sold me 2 & a couple to someone else, but he still had 2 left:

    Try on this link & contact it scribbles still has it:…074

    keep in mind with thick screen protector, touch screen function is lost of compatible mobile.

    Why bother? They are rubbish! I have tried them on my SPV phone, Pocket PC and Palm.

    I feel they are really worth it & take ood care of your screen. I have a MDA Vario 3 & it has kept the screen scratch free. realised that after I took the protector off. :-D

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    thanx for the replies, i have bought a screen protector for my k810i before some thug stole it, unfortunately that screen protector was full of scratches although description mentioned anti-scratch. so have decided for the branded screen protector like invisbibleshield (their demo of it being scratch is very good). and i am far too lazy to cut my own, i would mess it up.

    I thought the same as you that its a bit of mess, but then gave it a try & couldnt go wrong with 1.50£
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