Posted 31st Oct 2022

So I sold an old mobile phone on eBay recently. I posted it to the winning bidder the same day, but it hasn't been delivered yet and it's over a week. I've just read there can be issues about sending mobile phones with batteries via Royal Mail. So does that mean it will never be delivered? If so how do I get it back? As I forgot to put my sender details on the external packaging! Please advise me...thank you!
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  1. bobdylan's avatar
    It's not the battery that's the issue, it's the postal strikes that are causing the delays
  2. notalwaysright19's avatar
    A recent item that was sent to me first class signed for arrived after 7 working days.

    The strikes.

    Don't worry
  3. MadeDixonsCry's avatar
    Did you post using a recorded service?
    simonpriest's avatar
    Well...I have a tracking number yes...which says not yet delivered. I know there has been strikes, but it's the battery thing that's bothering me now
  4. Sc4mp0's avatar
    The issue is if the battery is seperate to the mobile.

    If it's enclosed in the mobile and there is no more than 2 mobiles in the parcel you'll be OK, the delay is for something else.
  5. bozo007's avatar
    Royal Mail deliveries are massively delayed due to the strikes. eBay would have popped up a warning about it if you got your shipping label done through it.

    There is no problem sending the phone if the battery is part of the phone but just that it will take longer. Hopefully, you used a tracked service.
  6. KewlGuy's avatar
    There's postal strike for the next few days so it may be delays
  7. ashmac's avatar
    I’ve has people saying the my haven’t received there item 7 days after posting by Royal Mail strikes are killing delivery times massively
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