Posted 6th Jul 2021
Hi all. I'd like to ask a question regarding phones and boot-up times. What would you consider to have a very quick start up time? Are there any models considered to have the fastest in the industry etc?

Googling for info is sporadic as you get mention of 3rd party 'rom' builds and 'tweaks' to get quick start up times etc. but I wondered if there were any sites that specifically mention standard boot times or similar statistics for various models?

Alternatively, can you suggest a phone that you may own or previously owned that had super fast start up? I've been looking particularly at old Windows phone examples which are dirt cheap to pick up such as Microsoft/Nokia Lumia? Even old models seemed to have really quick boot times of mere seconds?

So, things to consider:

1) Start up from "OFF" - not just from sleep
2) Doesn't matter what age, make or spec
3) Won't be used as a "phone" so call features not important
4) Screen size no smaller than 4" (even a small tablet, if boot is super fast)

Cheers guys!
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